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If you plan on spending your next getaway camping then you certainly are familiar with what such a trip implies. Apart from taking your close friends or family with you and set up the tent, you will also require plenty of special equipment, including a good sleeping bag liner.  Sleeping bags are the most comfortable items to take on a trip with you because they will provide a good night sleep and help you rest for a new day to face in the wild. However, if you don’t have the time to look for a liner yourself, this paragraph will hopefully help you out in the process.  After going through plenty sleeping bag liner reviews, we have concluded that the Friendly Swede Travel is the perfect item for you because of its generous size, the soft silky texture good for your skin, and because it keeps both you and your sleeping bag clean. If the Friendly Swede Travel is not available for sale, we recommend the Coleman Stratus Fleece as a viable alternative.


Choosing the right sleeping bag liner could prove quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are plenty of aspects to take into consideration if you want to make sure you made the right choice. Our following comprehensive shopping guide will hopefully get you out of trouble and help you pick up the best item. So here is what you should be looking for.


Size does matter

When we are talking about sheets and bag liners, size does matter a lot. You want to buy a product that is a bit larger than your sleeping bag dimensions to have plenty of room to move during the night. However, you still need to guide through the sizes of your sleeping bag to make sure it properly fits and will provide you with enough room to keep you safe during the night.

The best way to ensure a good night sleep is to sleep inside a camping tent with plenty of room to move around. In this case, a large sleeping bag liner will provide you with the comfort and warmth of a true mattress and keep you away from bugs all night long.

Last but not least, you want to make sure the liner matches the shape and size of your body too to ensure you have your feet covered as well. We suggest looking carefully at the dimensions of the product, especially if you are an above-average tall person.


Fabrics used

A good sleeping bag liner should also be thick and warm enough to keep you through the night without feeling cold or itchy. Thus, we suggest taking a closer look to the fabrics used for manufacturing the product and even test it out a bit before purchasing.

Choosing liners made from soft polyester fibers with silky finishes can prove the best option available, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Most of these liners are hypoallergenic and will prevent you from getting itches, rashes, burns, blisters, or any other skin problems, while still warming you up during the night.


Other features to consider

Last but not least, we think it is important to always search for special features as well to ensure you made the right choice. For instance, it is always a plus when the liner is safe to use inside the washing machine because it will help keep you and your sleeping bag clean even in special camping conditions.

If you’re picky about the design, you can always check for alternative colors and patterns in your liner too.


Our recommendations



The Friendly Swede Travel


If you are looking for the best sleeping bag liner within a reasonable price, this product is definitely intended for you. Its generous size of 105.x220 cm will provide enough room to keep you safe and comfortable during the night, even if you tend to move around a lot. If you own a two-persons tent this could prove a good solution for you and your significant other too.

The lightweight design provides maximum portability as it can be easily folded and carried around as a practical packet whenever you don’t use it.

This travel sheet is made from 100% polyester fibers with a silky finish to provide maximum comfort to your skin while letting it probably breathe during the night. The hypoallergenic fabrics will also prevent your skin from rashes or itches.

Buy this product and you will receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Buy from for ($19.99)




Coleman Stratus Fleece


This cheap sleeping bag liner will definitely keep you warm and fuzzy during your next camp trip. It is made from 100% polyester fibers with fill 0 for added comfort and warmth even during low temperatures. The product is designed to keep you warm up to temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect addition to your spring and summer camping sessions.

Designed for people up to 5 feet, 11 inch tall, it provides enough room for legs and arms to rest during the night. Even if you have an agitated sleep, this fleece liner will certainly stay in place and keep you warm.

The comfortable, soft fleece construction is 100% machine washable to allow an easy cleaning whenever you come back home from your trip.

If you use it to line a sleeping bag, this product is guaranteed to add up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit to keep you warm during the cold nights.

This good sleeping bag liner also comes available in three different colors, depending on your personal tastes.

Buy from for ($17.98)




ALPS Mountaineering


Available for international shipping, this is definitely one of the best lightweight sleeping bag liners you will find on the market for a decent price.

Keep yourself warm and cozy during your next camping trip by opting for this microfiber mummy-style liner suitable for all mummy sleeping bags, no matter the brand.

It is made from high-quality microfiber fabrics to ensure the best ventilation and thermal insulation for added comfort regardless the season.

It includes a standard stuff sack and its reduced dimensions and weight (weighs only 0.7 pounds) will make it extremely easy to carry around during your next mountain trip. This product is designed to extend the life of your sleeping bag and add a few more degrees if you are looking for a warmer place to sleep.

You can easily clean it with a regular washing machine and keep it fresh and clean until your next trip.

Buy from for ($25.32)



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