Best sleeping bag for toddlers


Learn how to find a new sleeping bag for toddlers


By far the most inconvenient part of camping is packing your bags, especially if you plan on taking your toddlers with you. Apart from your regular items that need to be packed, you will also have a decent amount of luggage for your toddler, equipped with necessary products to last a lifetime in the woods. Sleeping bags are no exception if you want to teach your child to be independent and sleep in his/ her own tent. If you are looking for the best sleeping bag for a toddler, find out that there are plenty of viable options on the market. Nevertheless, picking the right one will cost you time and money. After reading plenty of online reviews, we came to the conclusion that the Kelty Woobie is the perfect choice available for sale because it features a playful and attractive design, comes with an affordable price, and weighs only 2.4 pounds. If the Kelty Woobie is not available for purchase, you should consider the Kelty Big Dipper as the most convenient alternative in terms of features, price, and design.


In the search for the best kid sleeping bag, you need to take into account various aspects, especially if you want to make the most out of the money spent and secure yourself a pleasant weekend getaway.



Since we are talking about toddlers, choosing a sleeping bag with a playful and colorful design is a must if you want to make this item appealing to your children. We suggest opting for vivid and colorful prints. Comic book prints or cartoon prints are amongst a child’s favorite, so make sure to look for such sleeping bags in stores. However, no matter how pretty the item may seem, make sure it is weather appropriate for your following trips.

We cannot imagine taking your toddlers out for camping in the middle of the winter, but you need to be secure during frosty nights and special emergencies. Thus, we urge you to opt for qualitative and efficient items.



This takes us to the second most important feature of any sleeping bag, especially the ones specially designed for kids – insulating properties. Again, taking your kids out camping during long winter nights is not advisable, but keeping an extra warm sleeping bag for special cases never hurts.

You should look for items made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers with big insulating properties to make sure your child stays warm even at lower temperatures.



The size of the sleeping bag should also be appropriate for your child’s dimensions. Do not assume from the beginning that a product marketed for a certain age will fit your own kid exactly, as children may vary massively in terms of weight and height. Thus, the best way to ensure you found the perfect fit for your child is to look for the product’s measurements.

The size of the sleeping bag doesn’t have to be too loose or too tight either. A loose fit may feel like your child doesn’t stay warm enough during the night, while a too fitted design can cause problems in sleeping, and even trigger claustrophobia symptoms. If the sleeping bags come with sufficient sizes to choose from, we suggest opting for one which is slightly bigger than your kid’s regular size.

Also bear in mind that the sleeping bag should be large enough to accommodate your toddler and his/ her favorite night accessories, including the favorite pillow, blanket, set of pajamas, and toys.


Our recommendations



Kelty Woobie


According to the multitude positive reviews received for this product, this is the best sleeping bag for toddler available on the market. Prepare to step into a world of sweet dreams with this wonderful mummy-like sleeping bag.

It is recommended for children up to the age of 6 years old and features a Cloud Loft Insulation to create the perfect temperature inside. This way your child will sleep without you worrying getting too hot or cold during the night.

It also has a generous stuff size of 9 x 15 inches, enough to keep your child warm even at low temperatures. The product is available for sale in two vivid colors – hot pink and Viridian, depending on your kid’s preferences.

With the Kelly Woobie sleeping bag, you will be able to plan outdoor trips and nature sleeps at temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the product is machine washable under strict rules and for that, you will have to check the tags.

Buy from for ($45.46)




Kelty Big Dipper


If you want an upgrade from the regular Kelty Woobie sleeping bag, this item is definitely the best choice for you. Although not marketed as the best sleeping bag for babies, the product is definitely more suitable for big children and preteens. The manufacturer states it is recommended for kids between 4 and 12 years old and up to 5 feet tall.

The product is made from lightweight, yet extremely efficient fabrics, allowing to maintain a warm and cozy temperature inside even in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 66D Polyester Taffeta outer combined with the innovative Cloud Loft Insulation are the ones responsible making this sleeping bag comfortable and trustworthy even during late autumn and early winter.

The item only weighs 3.1 pounds, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around on field trips, even by your children. Last but not least, it comes in two beautiful colors/prints available – ocean and purple potion.

Buy from for ($79.95)




Dreamworks Kids Trolls


As we previously mentioned, if you have at least one toddler, there is no way you can escape buying products marketed with your kid’s favorite cartoon or movie characters. The Trolls are no exception, as these creatures easily became the kid’s favorites.

Dreamworks seized the opportunity and released a full line of products and accessories depicting the cute characters, including a series of sleep bags.

The outer and interior of this sleeping bag are made from polyester which will keep your child warm in temperatures as low as 45 degrees.

The full-length zippers make the product easy to wear and use by children ages 4 and above. Judging by many customers’ positive reviews, the product is the best toddler sleeping bag available for a decent price and with a vivid, playful pattern.

This sleeping bag also comes with a reusable non-woven cylinder used for storage and traveling.

Buy from for ($24.95)




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