Best sleeping bag for cold weather


Learn how to find a new sleeping bag for cold weather


Are you looking for a sleeping bag that can help you keep warm even in cold temperature conditions? Then we recommend the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag as it has gathered the best sleeping bag reviews and it’s both dependable and an affordable. This product is an extremely comfortable product that comes from a trustworthy manufacturer and it is designed to be used casually in three seasons. It can accommodate people up to 6’2” and it comes with a diamond ripstop polyester cover with polyester liner. Thanks to the Coleman’s ComfortSmart Technology this sleeping bag is ensured to be comfortable, durable and high-quality. You can easily stuff it for convenient storage in a complementary stuff sack. It is designed to help you endure temperatures that range from 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and on warmer nights you can unzip its bottom for extra ventilation. If this product is unavailable, look for the Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag as it is a worthy alternative.


You have probably found out that it isn’t so easy to find the item that can satisfy your every need. That’s because in today’s market there are options so various and diverse that can make your head spin. Don’t fret because we’ve come to your aid with an informative buying guide which will help you find the best inexpensive sleeping bag available for sale.



This is the most important factor in finding the best sleeping bag for cold weather. Every sleeping bag works differently when it comes to insulation. There are some that have varying layers of insulation in combination created by multiple liners, while others use a single layer of insulation that can cover a wide variety of outside temperatures. Some can even withstand temperatures as low as -40 or -50 degrees Fahrenheit, although it also depends on your clothing. Other sleeping bags are made ideally for summer camping trips since they are light enough to provide just enough insulation. When it comes to insulation material there are two choices – down and synthetic. Down is a natural insulator made from goose feathers that trap air for heat retention and synthetics are made from fibers that keep their insulating ability even when wet.



If you are after a sleeping bag that is lightweight and doesn’t occupy much space, you might prefer a mummy type. But if you think you will have plenty of space to use in your truck camping, and most trucks offer enough room consider the rectangular types and remember to acquire an Adam and Eve type if you plan to bring a special someone with you. When it comes to length, sleeping bags come in two lengths – regular and long. The tipping point is at about 6ft. If you are taller than that you should purchase a long sleeping bag, but that hardly comes as a surprise.


Comfort and construction

For additional insulation look for a form-fitting mummy style of sleeping bag that provides a body-hugging fit. Although you can also find traditional zippered comforter designs that offer more room to maneuver. The modern sleeping bag uses materials that can also be found in winter jackets or high-end comforters. The popular choice seems to be Gore-Tex that is waterproofed with nylon and insulated with down made from goose feathers. There are cases when the manufacturers add extra special hydrophobic polymers to improve the capability of keeping dry. Some sleeping bags are completely waterproof, while others are quick-drying.



Our recommendations



Coleman North Rim


This is a three-season model that has an insulation rating of around 15 degrees Fahrenheit if its user wears suitable winter clothing. The hood can be pulled very tightly against your head and face and a special tube helps to remove any cold air that may penetrate the shell.

Both the outside shell and inner layer are made of polyester material and lined with nylon for comfort. Its filler consists of 60 ounces of a special polyester material named Coletherm.

The double zipper is snag-free, self-healing and it allows you to unzip either the top or the bottom for ventilation. You can find a spacious foot box that will provide extra room for you to wiggle your toes or shift your position. Compared with other more expensive products, this one fare quite well despite its affordable price.

The fact that this sleeping bag is machine washable means that you will save money in the long run since you won’t be spending money on dry-cleaning.

Buy from for ($46.98)




Coleman Brazos Cool Weather


This is a great priced product and a good sleeping bag option for a cold weather camper that is on a budget. Coming with the ComfortSmart Technology it includes features that aim to keep you warm and comfortable through the night.

It prevents zipper snags by plowing fabric away from the zipper and you can lock the bag in place for easier rolling. FiberLock allows it to increase its durability by preventing insulation from shifting.

ThermoLock keeps you warmer by reducing the heat loss through the zipper. It surrounds your face with softness for increased cold and wind protection.

This sleeping bag is guaranteed you to keep warm in cold temperatures since it’s both independently tested for temperature accuracy and it has 100% polyester lining and fill, which provides extra padding for warmth. When you want to pack it away you can simply pull its chord and you can also machine-wash it.

Buy from for ($20.86)




TETON Sports Celsius XXL


This sleeping bag provides reasonable comfort for one or two persons since it measures 90 inches long and 36 inches wide. Its construction is dual layer offset stitch and provides heat retention at the seams.

Hollow fiber insulation guarantees warmth even against harsh weather conditions. If you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’d like to sleep next to someone and have enough room you should know that this product allows you to attach it to another one through its zippers.

Inner comfort is ensured by a soft cozy cotton flannel liner and hollow fibers which allow it to maintain a high degree of warmth.

Besides being a great sleeping solution this sleeping bag enables you to hold a number of personal items at hand thanks to its ample-sized storage pocket. You can use this product both at home and at diverse outdoor activities since it provides great internal comfort and warmth retention.

Buy from for ($64.27)




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