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If you are in the market for a roof top tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best roof top tent. We have concluded that the Smittybilt 2783 is the best because of its outstanding features. In case you need to be off the ground when you are camping, there is hardly a better solution at your fingertips than this one. Perfectly waterproof to sustain all kinds of weather conditions, the tent offers the best conditions for you and your companion. Mounted on top of your SUV, the truck tent can sustain a load capacity of maximum 660 pounds, which means that two people will be more than comfortable using it. The great accessories offered with your purchase will really make your trip worthwhile. A foam mattress is provided for comfortable sleeping arrangements, while a mosquito screen will make sure the pesky critters will be kept at bay. If can’t get your hands on the Smittybilt 2783, you should definitely check out the Front Runner Feather-Lite as it the best alternative.



Comparison table


Tents we recommendSmittybilt 2783Front Runner Feather-LiteARB ARB3201 Series III
Designed for2 adults2+ adults2+ adults
Materials600D heavy-duty rip stop polyester, polyurethane impregnated top400D Oxford tent fabric, PVC coatedPoly/cotton fabric
Extras12V socket, aluminum telescoping ladder, 2 in. thick high-density foam 90 in. x 53 in. mattress, LED strip lightRetractable aluminium ladder, mattress, screened windows and doorBuilt-in rainfly, screened windows and door, bonded chip foam mattress, aluminum retractable ladder
Available sizesMatches a variety of Jeep Wrangler models11
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More and more camping enthusiasts have been starting to show interest in roof top tents. So, if you’re wondering which model is the best, this article should provide you with all the information you need so you can choose a tent that fits your particular needs.


A.1 Best roof top tent reviews


Truck tent sizes

Car camping tents come in all sizes, from a comfortable 2-person tent, to a capacious family tent. First of all, you should pay attention to the floor area dimensions and the sleeping accommodations so you can make sure that every tent occupant will be able to have a good night’s rest.


Car camping tent shapes

Car camping tent shapes vary. Look for a dome-shaped tent if you want to be protected from wind. They tend to be more stable and quiet in windy conditions. However, vertical-wall tents provide more usable space and could feel less cramped.


Extra features

Some tents even have dividers so that you can enjoy your privacy and you could use these while changing clothes. This means that nobody will have to wait outside in the rain just so you can get out of your wet gear. These dividers can also be used to map out an area of the tent specifically for storing other camping equipment.

Screen windows permit light to pass through, while they also help with ventilation. Some windows have roll-down mechanisms to keep things tidy. You can even purchase some tents that have built-in lights, complete with a switch at the door so you can enjoy even more comfort while out in the wild.

Tents with separate fiberglass or aluminum poles require that you thread or clip the poles onto the tent body, while securing the ends to the edges of the tent to create its structure. Once you get the poles in, you will generally need to bend them so they will support the tent and provide stability in strong winds.

A good rain fly should be on your list of essentials when looking for a new tent as it can be attached for protection against rain and the Sun’s harmful UV rays. This will also keep the tent warmer at night. Keep all these features in mind as you browse through our sellections.  


Our recommendations


These roof top tent models are showcased below so you will be able to choose which one best suits your needs and preferences. All these models have received some of the best roof top tent reviews so you should be fine with either of them.



Smittybilt 2783


1.Smittybilt 2783 (B00KCFKPX0)This Smittybilt Folded Tent is quite pricy, available just under $900. However, according to owner reviews, it might just be worth every penny! The majority of buyers thought that it was a good investment and that it can work well for all kinds of camping trips as it mounts on top of your SUV.

One of its best features is that it can be used in all seasons as it is made using a reliable rip-stop polyester that is waterproof. The baseplate is made with aluminium and polyurethane which allows it to have a 300 kg or 660 pound load capacity. The frame is made up of anodized aluminum poles that assemble with stainless steel hinges. In addition, of the Smittybilt 2783 best features is the included LED light strip which can provide enough light even during the darkest nights and, what’s even more impressive is that it is powered by a solar panel.

The tent comes with loads of useful extras such as a high density foam mattress which has a removable cover, a waterproof rainfly and a mosquito screen. All of these are designed for maximum utility and also provide loads of addition comfort for the occupants.

To access the tent, the manufacturers included a telescopic ladder which can extend to around 6 and ½ feet. The ladder is made out of aluminium so it’s both sturdy and lightweight enough for most people’s needs. It will allow you to quickly climb in and out of the tent without too much effort.

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Front Runner Feather-Lite


2.Front Runner Feather-LiteJust like the previous model, the Feather-Lite roof top tent is designed to be installed on the roof of a SUV or offroader. However, this tent is a bit pricier as it is generally sold at prices over 1100 dollars, but this hasn’t really put customers off.

The manufacturer claims that this roof top tent can sleep 2+ people in excellent comfort thanks to the included mattress. All you would need to do is just set up your sleeping bags so you could enjoy this above ground bedroom in the wild.

The tent is made out of a poly-cotton material that has a PVC coating for waterproofing. This coating is however breathable and, most importantly, mold resistant so you shouldn’t encounter any problems even when camping in very wet areas. To further help with ventilation, the tent is also fitted with large screened windows that keep the bugs out while letting the breeze in.

To get inside the tent, you will have to use the provided aluminum retractable ladder that is fitted with anti slip treads. When not is use, the ladder is retractable and easy to store, allowing you to have more room for your other camping gear.

Before buying this tent, you should make sure that 7.9 foot platform (when extended) can be securely attached to the roof rack of your vehicle so you won’t have spent a lot of money on a product that doesn’t fit your current vehicle.

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ARB ARB3201 Series III


3.ARB ARB3201 Series IIIThis model is the priciest yet, coming in at a little under 1500 dollars, however you do get some added flexibility for this kind of money. While this kind of price does make it exceed the budget of most buyers, you should definitely consider this model if you really like to spend time traveling through the wild. You should also keep in mind that in order to install it on the roof of your vehicle you will need to purchase an appropriate roof rack separately.

This model can sleep two to three people in comfort thanks to the large dimensions and the included high density foam mattress that covers the base platform. The mattress comes with a removable cover which can be washed regularly so you won’t have to suffer from having a stuffy interior.

The tent is made with a polly-cotton fabric that is resistant to the elements and is further protected by the included rain fly. Once inside you will be able to enjoy the large windows that offer a great view and allow lots of air to move freely while still keeping out bugs and other creepy crawlers thanks to the built in mesh screens.

Just like the previously described tents,  this ARB model comes with a retractable aluminum ladder that is both sturdy and lightweight. However, an added advantage that this tent has over the others is that it can be configured to extend both over the side of the vehicle or over its rear. This will certainly prove useful when decided which view you would like to wake up to.

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