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If you are in the market for a pickup truck tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best pickup truck tent. We have concluded that the Rightline Gear 110730 is the best because of its great features. This tent represents a comfortable and convenient solution for all your camping needs and it fits perfectly on your pickup truck. First of all, the model comes with a clear set of instructions so you can install the truck tent fast and easy. Providing you with all the necessary accessories to make sure that your tent is properly installed, the Rightline Gear 110730 offers proper protection and shelter. A rain fly is readily provided and you can use it when the weather gets nasty. The ceiling screen is perfect for admiring the sky while lying comfortably on your back inside the tent, especially during summer nights. If can’t get your hands on the Rightline Gear 110730, you should definitely check out the Napier Sportz Avalanche III as it the best alternative.




Provided you’ve been wondering which the best pickup truck tent is, you will find out relevant information, in this short but informative guide. If you haven’t just yet been truck tent camping, you’ve been missing some of the fun implied by this concept.

The best truck bed tent should provide you with a comfortable, well-deserved sleep after a day filled with adventures! Even in foul weather, you should be able to sleep or change your clothes while being completely dry as these tents are designed to be the best at keeping out moisture.

Truck tent camping is an enjoyable activity for many people, including: fishermen, hunters, adventurers, and, last but not least family campers. The best part about this activity is that there are loads of accesories that you can purchase for your truck tent so you can make it as comfortable as possible. With that in mind you should also check out some of the special mattresses designed for truck tents, for absolute comfort.

A.1 Best pickup truck tent reviews

Truck Tent Design Features

A good truck bed tent usually displays a floorless design, allowing you to set up and disassemble the tent easily, without having to remove your gear from the bed. Thus, you will save time! Provided your truck bed is greasy or dirty, you can use a reliable tarp to cover the floor. You will be able to wash the tarp and keep it separately from your tent.


Safety measures

Bear in mind that you should keep away all heat sources from the tent fabric. Some tents are not fireproof, even though the fabric is flame-resistant. The fabric will burn if you leave it in continuous contact with a powerful source of heat.

In order to prevent carbon monoxide from being emanated into the tent area or vehicle, remember not to run the engine and not to cook inside the tent. Do not use a gas heater either. The engine must be off before you install and use the tent.


Car type

Depending on your truck model, you should try to find a tent which is designed specifically for it. Keep in mind that some trucks have 2 separate bed models so you should also keep that in mind as you are selecting your next tent. Of course, you could adjust some generic models to fit your truck’s layout, but to fully enjoy camping, you should find the model which fits the best.


Our recommendations


Rightline Gear 110730


1.Rightline Gear 110730This Rightline Truck Bed Tent is available for less than $200, in the Full-Sized Standard style and it has received some of the best pickup truck tent reviews, with roughly half of satisfied customers rating it with around 5 stars.

With this truck tent you can turn any spot into very comfortable campsite. To set up your Rightline Truck Tent, you should firstly pull off the sewn-in setup guide that’s sewn into the stuff sack so you can read the instructions more easily.

With the tailgate open, place the tent with the No-See-Um mesh side up. You then have to slip the tailgate pockets over the end of the tailgate and fix the tailgate strap underneath. Pull the tent forward so that it covers your vehicle’s bed. You will notice that the front corners of the tent have split seams that go over the truck’s wrapping bed curves.

Next you should attach the black strap clips to your truck, which come as 8 essential accessories. After you’re done strapping, remember to tighten the tailgate strap once again. You’ll have to put together the tent poles as well. Two poles are marked with orange and one with gray. Then you have to raise the tent.

The rain fly should also be installed, especially while foul weather conditions because it offers better protection. In addition, the tent also displays a sky view for ventilation which is also perfect if you want to admire the night sky.

When taking down the tent, you should make sure it is clean and dry before placing it back into the carrying sack.

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Napier Sportz Avalanche III


2.Napier Sportz Avalanche IIIThis Sportz Truck Tent is generally priced at a little over 250 dollars and is a perfect fit for two people who like to travel and spend time outdoors. It’s very cozy and spacious, with a a sewn-in floor.

Its fiber glass poles make it easy as pie to assemble and they also provide loads of stability, even in foul weather. The tent features one entrance door and one rear access door that allows you to access the inside of your truck so it’s dead easy to pick up the stuff you need.

What’s intriguing and a definite improvement about this particular truck tent model is that it comes with an extension off the tailgate, creating a nice shaded area which you can use to relax when the weather is particularly hot. This extension works like an awning, with its dimensions being 6 by 6 feet.

The tent includes 2 interior pockets for storing your essential camping gear and it neatly stores in the provided carry bag. All these great features make the Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent a great pick if you like to enjoy the outdoors.

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Napier Sportz III for full size crew cab trucks


3.Napier Sportz III for full size crew cab trucksThis model is also priced in the 250 dollar area and it is especially designed to fit Chevrolet Silverado trucks. So if you do own such a vehicle you can rest assured that this tent model will provide the best match.

What’s special about this Sportz Truck Tent is that it is fitted with a full sewn-in floor that will keep you off the truck bed when it gets dirty. It can comfortably sleep two people and allow them to have sufficient space to enjoy a good night’s rest. What’s even more impressive is that it offers 5.6 feet of headroom so you’ll have plenty of space to move around when you want to change clothes.

The tent has two large vents and two windows on each side so the inside won’t ever feel stuffy. In addition, you get the benefit of a rear access door that will enable you to store some of your equipment in the truck’s cab and have it close by when it is needed.

Its full rainfly protects you during foul weather, while a 4’ x 4’ awning extension provides optional shade during sunny days. For added storage, the tent has an interior pocket where you can organize your essentials.

When it’s time to leave, you just need to take the tent down and stash it in the provided carrying bag. This ensures that it won’t take up too much space which leaves room for your other camping gear.

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