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Learn how to find a new lightweight sleeping bag liner


Camping is one of the purest outdoor activities to help you recharge with all energies needed to endure another week in the adult world. If you are the outdoor type, there is nothing more beautiful than taking your car and your tent, even just for a weekend getaway. However, you always need to make sure you are carrying the right equipment with you, and that includes a useful sleeping bag liner.  If you don’t have the time to go through stores to purchase the perfect sleeping bag liner, our following paragraph will help you make up your mind easier. After reading plenty of sleeping bag line reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the Osage River Microfiber is the perfect product because it keeps you warm in temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is lightweight and can be used even as a fleece blanket or an indoor blanket.  If the Osage River Microfiber is not available for sale, your second option should definitely be The Friendly Swede Travel.


Finding the perfect sleeping bag liner can prove a difficult task, especially if you don’t know which features to look after. Luckily for you, our comprehensive shopping guide will let you know all of the important features you will have to consider to make sure you bought the right item. Here is what you should look after, according to us.



Obviously, the most important aspect in a sleeping bag liner is the size of the product. You will make the right choice if you opt for extra large products because they will easily protect you and your sleeping bag or provide extra room for your legs and arms inside a tent.

Most products come available in only one size so make sure you pick the right dimensions according to your own height and weight.

If you like the mummy-fitted sleeping bags you can pick up a matching liner with similar dimensions but we strongly recommend opting for ones with enough room to spare.


Lightweight design

Camping weekends should be all about the sightseeing and star gazing and less about the things you decide to carry with you. We suggest to always pack the essentials and go into the wild with the minimum amount of luggage for the ultimate experience.

For those who do not want to carry around heavy backpacks, a lightweight sleeping bag liner is the perfect compromise solution. Thus, we reckon you should take a look only at those items that provide such a lightweight yet durable design. You can find plenty of liners on the market that will pack nicely, occupying as little space as possible and being as lightweight as under two pounds.


Fabrics used

Last but not least, it is also important to take a look at the composition of your liner to decide if that is what you actually need. Check for qualitative fabrics and high-end stitches to ensure a long lifespan for your product.

Fleece will definitely keep you warm during the cold season and it can be easily used as a top blanket or indoor blanket if you need an extra layer to warm you up inside your tent or house.

On the other hand, polyester fibers with silky finishes are more suitable for persons with sensitive skins who want to feel comfortable and lavish even while camping. The silky finishes will hug your body and offer it a good night sleep while the polyester fiber mixes will provide you with enough heat to keep you warm all night long.


Our recommendations



Osage River Microfiber Fleece


This is definitely one of the best lightweight sleeping bag liners according to customers who purchased the product. Available for sale at an affordable price, the Osage River is smartly designed to provide a unique blend of comfort, design, and functionality whenever you go camping.

It will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while its extended size will be great for all adventurers, whether you plan on sleeping in a sleeping bag or in a tent.

You can easily stow the liner thanks to the included storage bag and carry it back home with you safely, without a hustle and without occupying too much space inside your backpack.

The versatile design can dub for an indoor sleeping bag or a fleece blanket on the couch. It is also suitable for children to use while sleeping, playing or watching TV.


Buy from for ($20.47)




The Friendly Swede Travel


Voted as one of the best sleeping liners on the market, this product provides a generous sleeping space of 105×2220 cm. With this liner, even tall people can comfortably sleep while camping without fearing of keeping their legs crossed or not having enough room to stretch.

However, despite the generous dimensions, this sleeping bag liner can be easily folded to become a practical pocket whenever not in use so that you can carry it around without too much effort.

The 100% polyester fibers with a silky texture provide the most comfortable good night sleep for those with sensitive skins, while the hypoallergenic features fight against skin rashes, breakouts or itches.

This is the perfect product if you want to keep you and your sleeping bag clean during each trip. Thanks to the unique blend of fibers, this product will last you a long time from now on and will be easily cleaned inside any regular washing machine.

Buy from for ($19.99)




Mannice Cotton Sleeping Bag


This is a qualitative yet cheap sleeping bag liner with an ultra lightweight design to help you easily carry it and store it with your every camping trip.

You can choose from a variety of colors, depending on your own preferences – blue, pink, green, purple, khaki or gray blue. This way you can choose your favorite color and match it with the rest of your camping equipment.

The generous dimension of 115 x 210 cm provides enough space even for tall people without worrying about not stretching their arms or legs properly.

It features a 100 cm opening on one side to make it easy for you to get inside.  You can use it alone as a sleeping bag or as a liner, depending on how cold it is outside or the place you are spending the night into.

Thanks to its small packed dimensions and lightweight design of only 20 oz (around 500 grams), this compact product will become your new good sleeping bag liner to carry around anywhere you go.

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