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If you are in the market for a car tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best car tent. We have concluded that the DAC Explorer 2 is the best you can find right now. You will feel perfectly comfortable inside the tent, since proper ventilation is ensured and a screen for bugs is installed for your convenience. Easy installation makes this tent a hit with consumers everywhere. In less than 5 minutes, due to its easy to figure out configuration with a plastic cord and convenient hooks, you can install this tent and enjoy the comfort it provides, along with extra storage for your camping equipment. Made of durable polyester, this car tent is sure to withstand plenty of wear and tear, while supplying you with perfect protection against rain and wind, when the weather outside goes awry. If can’t get your hands on the DAC Explorer 2, you should definitely check out the Rightline Gear 110907 as it the best alternative.



Tents we recommendDAC Explorer 2Rightline Gear 110907Wizard Add-A-Cabana
Designed forConverting your vehicle's load area into a sleeping area4 adults in tent area + 2 adults in vehicle cargo areaConverting your vehicle's load area into a sleeping area
Materials5-oz. polyesterWater resistant fabric, tape sealed seams (PU 2000mm)Nylon
Extras5 minute setup, no-see-um mesh insect screen, storage bagRainfly, gear pockets, lantern hook, carry bag, glow-in-the-dark zipper pullsClosed with Velcro strips, carrying bag
Available sizes1 size fits a variety of minivans, SUVs and people cariers1 size fits a variety of minivans, SUVs and people cariers1 size fits a variety of minivans, SUVs and people cariers
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If you’re wondering which the best car tent in 2018 is, you should scroll down to find out more information, in this short but informative guide. We have put together a concise guide to which the best choice would be for you, according to a potential buyer’s preferences and needs. Some standard aspects should be taken into consideration prior to the purchase, such as price, the size of the car tent, its type and how many people actually fit in it.

But what exactly is a car tent and what is it destined for, you might ask yourself? Well, a truck tent is a tent designed to be assembled in a pickup truck’s bed. The truck tent was invented by Roman Napieraj in the 90s.


A.1 Best car tent reviews


The comfort aspect

Across the years, people have been making truck tents using conventional tents. A truck tent is designed for campers to sleep outdoors but also off of the ground. These tents provide protection and comfort as they generally are installed on the roof of sport utility vehicles (SUV). This allows you to sleep higher up, benefiting from better ventilation and, in addition, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the cold hard ground preventing you from having a good night’s sleep.


Ease of use

Campers who enjoy the outdoors usually value truck tents or SUV tents as they are quite simple to set up and also provide loads of flexibility for longer trips. Because the tent is already attached to the roof of the car, taking it down so you can get back on the road is much simpler than disassembling and packing a conventional tent.


Number of people

Truck tents and car tents are generally designed to accommodate 2-3 people, but this generally depends on the size of your vehicle. If you have particularly large SUV or truck, you can opt for a larger tent. Another thing you should consider is whether you would like to fit a single mattress for all the occupants of the tent or individual ones so you can select an appropriately sized tent.


Our recommendations


These models are described in depth in the paragraphs below so you should definitely check out their features and specifications. If you’d like to find out even more, you can also read the individual review for each tent just by clicking the review button.



DAC Explorer 2


1.DAC Explorer 2This particular tent model is generally priced at just under $150 and is designed to be used in the back of SUV or people carrier. This means that you will actually be sleeping in your car as the tent provides an extension that you can use for storing your camping gear.

Its setup is easy as pie. It displays a cord featuring plastic coated hooks, which attach to tbe vehicle’s underframe and the back door. The outer door panels will allow plenty of air to circulate throughout the cabin so you’ll enjoy excellent ventilation. In addition, the tent has an insect screen that you can zip closed if you’d like to enjoy some privacy while you change.

The main advantage of the Explorer 2 SUV Tent is that it is quite affordable and it provides all the functionality of a conventional tent while offering superior protection against foul weather. You can set it up in roughly 5 minutes. All you have to do is to use its bungee cords to connect it to your vehicle’s wheel wells and make sure it’s solidly in place.

The Explorer 2 is made using polyester so it can withstand quite a lot of wear and tear. This means you will be able to use the tent for many years and that makes it a great investment. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by its users, some of which have given it some of the best car tent reviews and great ratings on all online marketplaces.



The DAC Explorer 2 is a modern tent that you can easily set up due to the effective components it comes equipped with. All you have to use is the bungy cord with plastic coated hooks that are attached to the underframe.

This item provides optimum ventilation for the users due to the outer door panels that fold up and easily tie back.

Inside this tent, you have access to perfect privacy due to the same door panels that you can zip and tie at the bottom corners.

The fact that the DAC Explorer 2 features an inverted layout on screen and high-quality zippers is an added benefit for users because these offer them access to easy entry options into the rear of the vehicle.



The DAC Explorer 2 does not handle severe windy situations very well so it is best to check the weather before you go out camping with it.

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Rightline Gear 110907


2.Rightline Gear 110907This truck tent model from Rightline Gear is a little bit pricier, coming in at just over $250, however it does offer a larger living or sleeping area. This tent can in theory sleep 6 people, with four of them sleeping directly in the tent, while the other two can use the vehicle’s boot to sleep off the ground.

Its fabric is water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about rainy days anymore, leaving you free to enjoy the time you get to spend in the great outdoors. The vehicle’s sleeve is designed to attach to a variety of vehicles, including SUVs, people carriers and even trucks (however you do need your truck to have a cap installed).

Rightline also designed the 110907 model to be extra convenient as they offer a rainfly, a carry bag for convenient storage and a sewn-in assembly guide. In addition, the inside of the tent is fitted with two gear pockets, glow-in-the-dark zippers and a lantern hanging hook.

Just like the previous car tent showcased by this guide, the Rightline Gear 110907 has also received some excellent owner reviews. However, there were some people who reported having issues with more severe weather. One user did mention that a strong storm had caused some of the material to tear and he believed that was because of its thinness. This wasn’t a deal breaker for most buyers as they understood that no tent can really withstand extreme phenomena.



The Rightline Gear 110907 is an item that allows the camping experiences to rest perfectly right in the back of their truck thus stay clear of the ground.

This is a medium size tent which can perfectly accommodate up to 4 adults. Moreover, the cargo area in the car can become the sleeping area of two adults.

This tent is made of water resistant fabrics that offer you the protection you need during rainy days or nights spent in your tent. Who said camping could not be a pleasant experience even when it rains outside?

This product has proven to be resistant to severe wind conditions which is highly beneficial for users given the fact that they never know how the weather might change in the chosen camping areas.



The Rightline Gear 110907 has several design flaws. For example, the tent does not form a tight seal because of the way in which the straps get attached to the car.

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Wizard Add-A-Cabana


3.Wizard Add-A-CabanaThe cheapest alternative on our list, the Tent Add-A-Cabana is generally priced in the $80 range, but that is because it is designed for a more specific purpose. It attaches to the back of your car to provide a small vestibule for your trunk, a space which you can use to change in privacy while you are at the beach or in a campsite. Unlike the previous model, you won’t have the option of sleeping somewhere else besides the back of your car.

As you can tell, this is the perfect accessory for outdoor sporting events, short tailgating trips and beach adventures. The tent weighs just 3 pounds so it’s easy to carry around and install. The materials used in its construction are ripstop nylon and a few velcro straps that anchor it to the vehicle.

Basically, the tent can be converted into a private changing room, and it offers cover when camping or venturing out. It also uses snap buckles, that can be positioned to the side of the vehicle using magnets, so it is really easy to anchor. The velcro strips are also useful when you need to take down the tent quickly.



The Wizard Add-A-Cabana is an innovative tent in the case of which only a partial enclosure is encountered.

You can use this product to create a blind with the interior of the car with the purpose of creating your personal sleeping area. Also, you can attach it to SUVs or VANs and gain access to a perfect sleeping area off the ground.

This item is made of lightweight materials and it is very compact. The nylon material is highly durable which means that you will be able to enjoy using this item for a very long time as long as you clean and maintain it properly.

The tent comes packaged in a convenient and high-quality tote bag that you will appreciate.



The Wizard Add-A-Cabana is only slightly water absorbent, not fully waterproof which means you risk being caught on the wrong foot if you camp with it when it heavily rains outside.

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