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Besides finding the perfect tent, you need to get the best camping dinnerware if you want to be certain that your food is served with style even while being on the go. If you lack time to start a proper research, we’ve got some interesting tips that you can read in this short paragraph. After looking at the feedback given by experts and customers, we’ve determined that the best choice for camping dinnerware is the Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person. This complete camping kit includes everything you need for an outdoor experience. Plus, all the utensils come in different shades which makes it easier for family and friends use. One aspect we need to pinpoint is that each tool is made of an eco-friendly and BPA-free polypropylene. If the Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person is out of stock, don’t forget to check the Stansport Enamel Camping 11220.


There’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal with your friends and family while going on a camping holiday. Because it’s impossible to bring all of your house dinnerware, you need something less fragile and easy to clean. So, if you want to get the best dinnerware for camping available on the market, take a look at this buying guide presented below.


Type of material

When looking for the best camping plates, you need to pay attention to the type of material these are made of. One common option is the stainless steel because it is affordable and durable. Even though they are a tad heavier, they can be owned for several years before seeing any cracks or damages on their structure.

Over the last years, heat-resistant plastic tools have gained a lot of popularity and are being used both in the house kitchens and camp cookware. Because they are extremely lightweight, they come in handy for any backpacker who likes to go for a quick hike at the end of the weekend. They don’t need much space for storage and lots of cleaning afterward. Nevertheless, they aren’t so durable because cooking outside involves a lot of heat which can damage the plates and utensils after several usages. In addition, dinnerware made of plastics tends to retain the taste of food and smoke especially if you don’t have time to wash them immediately after eating.

Another option found among many camping items for sale is the enamel. This type of material is not heavy at all and has the capacity to conduct heat quite fast. It does have a major drawback of being too fragile. Sometimes, after only a couple of eating sessions, they might chip easily.

Depending on your budget, you can upgrade to titanium which is a sturdy material that withstands many camping trips without breaking.

A great choice that isn’t too pricey is aluminum. Even though they might cause problems relating to scratching due to handling they don’t weigh much and can be cleaned without efforts.


Sets or individual pieces

The majority of the camping dinnerware reviews recommend getting an entire set and not individual pieces. The main advantage of purchasing a camping dinnerware set is that it is less expensive and you get everything that you could possibly need on an outdoor trip.

Dinnerware sets are specially designed to be packed fast and in one place for safe storage and transportation.


Storage container

You probably never thought of this but having a storage container where you can neatly store the camping dishes is extremely useful. There are plenty of sets that are outfitted containers. Inside the container, there are separators for plates, cups, and utensils.


Our recommendations



Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person


When packing for an outdoor camping trip, you’re busy making lists of the important items that you need. The last thing you want is to forget to pack enough cups, spoons or plates for the entire family. This is way, a camping dinnerware like this is a life savior.

The kit includes every type of tool that you need in order to enjoy your meals. Inside the package, you’ll find 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 bowls, and 4 sporks. Therefore, the set is suitable for camping, backpacking, and hiking activities.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that the utensils from this camping set come in four different colors, such as red, orange, green, and blue. So that each family member or friend can choose their favorite color and stick to that during the entire camping getaway.

Every piece is made of an eco-friendly BPA-free polypropylene which makes them safe to use even for children. Quite durable, the tools are stain and odor resistant and are suitable for the dishwasher.

Buy from for ($42.99)




Stansport Enamel Camping 11220


You can enjoy each meal with style with this enamel camping dinnerware set. Made of a highly durable steel, the pieces are outfitted with a blue enamel finish that provides a glossy and stylish look.

The tools are lightweight and don’t require much space for storage. Therefore, you can take them with you every time you plan to go on a little camping trip with your family or group of friends. Furthermore, each plate and utensil from this set features a double coated blue gaze that increases the durability no matter how many times you use them.

The set includes everything you could possibly need in order to eat your meals in proper conditions, such as cups, soup bowls, plates, knives, forks, and spoons. Plus, the kit is more than enough for 4 people without having to argue about spoons and forks.

Besides the fact that the pieces are easy to clean, you can use the dishwasher once you’re back home without having to worry about causing damages.

Buy from for ($19.65)




GSI Outdoors Infinity 75420


Because camping outside where resources are somewhat limited requires plenty of portability and functionality, you’ll appreciate this dinnerware camping set that features beautiful designed storage containers. This way, it’s impossible to forget an item at home.

The best part is that each piece is color coded so you can rest assured each of you gets his favorite meal in the color that he or she most likes. Plus, there won’t be any confusion regarding which cup of coffee belongs to whom.

Moreover, the storage container can serve as a protection storage unit while transportation or as a serving platter or bowl if you don’t have enough plates to put the food on.

The pieces are made of a durable resin that ensures many years of usage while the mugs boast insulated EVA sleeves and sip-it lids that prevents the beverages from getting colder or spilling. Besides the dinnerware, the set comes with a convenient mesh bag.  

Buy from for ($27.97)



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