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If you want to purchase the best camping canopy but don’t feel certain about which option suits your needs best, we’ve got some piece of advice for you. Before reaching to a conclusion, we’ve looked at various reviews given by customers and experts. The top choice that caught our attention is the EZ – Up Sierra II SR9124BL. What we liked about this unit is the fact that it is lightweight and the setup takes only a minute. Moreover, the tent is made of a durable fabric that is able to block all UV rays and it is outfitted with a rust-resistant frame. Because of the folding steel frame, there’s no need to look for ropes or tools in order to assemble the canopy. If the EZ – Up Sierra II SR9124BL is out of stock, check the Quik Shade Expedition 160718, another great option.


Finding the best canopy for camping is not an easy task if you’re not sure of the features you should look for in products of this type. However, we want to give you helping hand so we’ve made a buying guide showcased below that teaches you about the most important aspects you must consider in your shopping decision.



When looking for a good outdoor canopy you must establish the size of it. Based on how many people are going to sleep in the tent on a regular basis you can determine the exact item you need to purchase.

There are several units for sale that have in their description the number of people the tent is intended for. If you want to be certain that suits your needs best but also allows you to store some food and other supplies, you should get a canopy suitable for the number of people you usually camp. For example, if the tent is described as a 4 tent people, then you’ll probably sit comfortably only 3 inside the canopy. Always go with a number up if you want to have room for a mattress and other personal items inside.



According to the majority of camping canopy reviews, it’s better to get a tent that you can carry it without putting too much effort.

Tents can be bought in different types, depending on the season they are made for. Four season tents are a tad heavier because they incorporate thicker materials or have extra pieces that increase their weight.

If you know the type of camping you usually like to engage in, then you’ll opt for a canopy that fits your preferences best. Also, a good product should provide some sort of wheels or a carrying bag that makes the transportation facile and faster.


Ease of setup

Another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook is the setup process. Once you get to your camping location, the last thing that you need is to spend hours trying to put the pieces together. Therefore, make sure to get a product that has a detailed user manual.

Aside from this, try to get a friend to help you through the process. Sometimes, the best camping shade canopy needs more than one hand for the assembly. It’s best to take advantage of all the features if you want to rest assured that you can enjoy a lovely time away in the shades.


Our recommendations



EZ – Up Sierra II SR9124BL


Spending quality time with your family and friends is extremely important. So is having a canopy that allows you to stay away from sun or rain when the weather is warm and you can’t stop the urge to stay outdoors as much as you can. Therefore, if you need a reliable unit that is lightweight and easy to install, you shouldn’t overlook this model.

The assembly of this shade canopy takes less than one minute because it is outfitted with a folding steel frame and has no loose parts that might get lost or need to be put together. Moreover, there’s no need for other tools or ropes to set up the product.

Thanks to the top made of a fire resistant fabric all the UV rays are blocked from entering the canopy. Plus, the item features an auto slider pull pin that enables fast and easy access inside and outside the tent.


Buy from for ($166.89)




Quik Shade Expedition 160718


No one wants to spend an eternity trying to set up a canopy when they need to stay in the shades. This is why this canopy unit is a great choice because is setup takes less than one minute.

All you have to do is to take the tent, follow the detailed instructions and you have a canopy ready for you and your family. Plus, you can store it safely in the carry bag provided because the product quickly folds into a compact shape.

The 10X10 feet base measurements provide an area of 64 sq ft that is ideal for a group of people that want to enjoy special moments in the outdoors.

Even if you leave the canopy outside you won’t have to worry about any damages due to the fully assembled corrosion resistant steel frame. Also, the canopy comes with patented latch sliders and push pin leg extenders that are specially designed to make the assembly easier and faster.

Buy from for ($64.99)




Coleman Instant Canopy Sunwall


Canopies are indispensable especially during the summer when you need an oasis of peace and tranquility away from the sun. Because weather can be unseated during this season, you’ll want a model that has a sidewall that keeps you protected and safe. This is the main reason you’ll be more than happy that this canopy has your back covered.

The unit is easy to assemble and needs only a few minutes for the setup. If you’re concerned about UV protection you should know that this unit is specially designed with a UV Guard technology that provides a 50+ UPF sun protection. Furthermore, the canopy is made of a durable material that is able to withstand wind and heavy rain.

The product provides compatibility with similar units that showcase a 10X10 straight leg construction. The combination of green and gray makes it easier to block the sun rays and to blend with the outdoor landscape your garden decor.


Buy from for ($20.67)



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