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Learn how to find a new 3 season truck tent


In case you are interested in discovering the best all around truck tent for sale but you have not had the possibility of analyzing all the best 3 season truck tent reviews so far, we have great news for you. We have handled this analysis already so that we might be able to advise you on the best options for sale that you should consider today. We have chosen our top representatives based on the highest ranking obtained by these products in the best truck tent reviews and the way in which the customers have perceived these items during their tests. Our top recommendation today is the SportZ 82000. It is a reliable option that you can consider if you are interested in sleeping off the ground and not too far from the comfort of your own car. This item is made of a water-resistant fabric that features tape sealed seams. It can be easily attached to almost any type of car and it does not require any ground tarp for this. In case you cannot purchase this item right now, here comes our second-best recommendation of the day: the Rightline Gear 110760.


If you are eager to find the best 3 season truck tent but you are not certain of what top features you should consider so that you might be able to make a wise choice in this case, you should check our comprehensive guide. It has been created with one main purpose in mind, namely that of offering you proper assistance in finding what you are looking for.


The capacity

An essential element that you should consider is the number of seats enabled in the truck tent you choose. This parameter indicates the minimum space required to host adults in a lying position. Apart from this parameter, you should also pay careful attention to the following aspects: the space required for you to be able to move inside the tent and the proper storage space for your equipment inside the tent.


Focus on your personal comfort

It’s enough to think about how busy you are inside the tent after stretching your mattress and the sleeping bag. If you take too many things with you and try to arrange these inside, you still need at least one extra seat left. Otherwise, you might have to leave part of your equipment outdoors, exposed to the weather conditions.

A small trick you should consider if you wish to have a positive camping experience is to choose an item that features a slightly superior capacity than the one you actually need. If you go camping alone, opt for a 2-person model, and if you have a partner, you can go for a product that has three seats available.



Depending on the available surface inside the chosen tent, your camping adventure can become a more or less pleasant experience. It is essential to know how many occupants the tent will have but you cannot limit yourself to knowing the capacity parameter only.

This item also has a useful surface (the extended size of the inner and the outer surface). Also, the height should be carefully considered. Some products are so low that they do not even allow you to sit down. Others are quite awkward especially when you try to get dressed inside.

On the other hand, you should not exaggerate either. For example, the family tents are tempting. Although these excel in the level of comfort they can provide, it is harder to carry these in your backpack. In addition, a tent that is too large gives you a serious headache when it comes to its installation and finding the proper spot for it.



Our recommendations



SportZ 82000


The SportZ 82000 is a 9 by 9-foot tent in which 4 to 5 people can sleep. It can be easily attached to your vehicle with the purpose of converting the cargo space you have available into a comfortable sleeping space for you and your friends.

Moreover, you can transform this item into a ground tent just by removing the vehicle sleeve.

This option makes it practical for users.  Furthermore, this item features high-quality materials that are at the base of the fiberglass and steel pole structure.

In addition, you also gain access to an expandable carrying bag that you can use to cover your storage needs.

The dimensions of this tent are: 30 x 11 x 11 inches and a 34.5 pounds weight. You get plenty of headroom with it both in the center and at its corners.

Its pole structure makes it highly durable and you can also benefit from waterproofing features in its case.

Buy from for ($339.99)




Rightline Gear 110760


The Rightline Gear 110760 features an attractive design that allows the user to set it up without being required to remove the gear from the bed.

Moreover, this item comes equipped with protective heavy-duty straps that help preserve the finish of the truck in perfect conditions.

The fabric used for its creation is water resistant and it includes high-quality tape sealed seams. Two adults can sleep in this tent without worrying about not having sufficient space to feel comfortable in it or not being able to store the necessary equipment inside it.

In addition, the dimensions of this item are 23 x 7 x 7 inches. These make it easy to handle and carry around until you find that perfect place where you would like to set the camp for the night.

Finally, the Rightline Gear 110760 also attracts attention through its floorless design and the protective straps and buckles it includes.

Buy from for ($179.95)




Rightline Gear 110907


The Rightline Gear 110760 is a reliable option for users interested in sleeping off the ground right in the comfort of their own car. This item features the following dimensions: 8 x 8 x 7.2 (L x l x H). Four adults can sleep comfortably inside this tent. Moreover, the vehicle cargo area can accommodate two adults.

A great advantage in the case of this product is represented by the water-resistant fabric that was used for manufacturing it.

In addition, you can easily attach it to your vehicle wherever you decide to camp for the night just by using the special sleeves that come in the package.

Finally, this product features large windows and doors with no storm covers. However, it offers you easy access to the car power receptacles.

Its greatest advantage is represented by the fact that its adjustable sleeves work on most vehicles so you and your friends can use this item regardless of the car you choose to drive you up to the camping spot.

Buy from for ($279.95)




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