Best 2 man tent for car camping


Learn how to find a new two-man tent for car camping


If you’re looking for the best 2-man tent for car camping but don’t have the time or inclination to look through scores of reviews, compare products and read user feedback, then you’re in the right place, since we’ve already done all that for you. The product that received the most appreciation from reviewers and proved the most popular with owners is the Bfull Portable Dome. Its two-layer construction makes it truly all-weather, with the inner layer being basically a fine net that provides great ventilation during summer time, and the outer covering, made out of water and wind resistant polyester, acts as a barrier against the elements during cold months. The Bfull’s dome design makes it both remarkably light and compact, while still large enough to comfortably accommodate two persons. If this is unavailable, a good alternative would be the Alps Mountaineering 5222607.



Before setting out to find the best tent for car camping from what’s available for sale, you’ll need to know what specific characteristics will actually make such a product “good.” For example, weight won’t be such a big issue unless you plan on using the tent for hiking, but on the other hand, car camping tent reviews stress that the packed size might be important, so that the item doesn’t take much space in the trunk.


Size, shape, and weight

Design-wise, there are three main varieties of 2-man tents to choose from, the dome shape, tunnel shape and the ultralightweight backpacking tent. You won’t be looking at the last one if you’re camping out of a car since a dome tent will often be small and lightweight enough to be comfortably carried for a short hike, while also providing additional headspace when set.

The tunnel’s main advantage comes from its superior weather resistance, and it holds especially well to wind. But unless you’re participating in a 4X4 challenge in an extreme environment, you probably won’t need that. However, it will still take out a lot of room in your trunk.

Besides being particularly easy to install, the dome is the perfect balance between a small package and large interior space. Due to its square base, it can easily accommodate 2-3 people together with their belongings.



Besides size, comfort comes down to weather resistance and ventilation. In most tents, you will get a water-resistant covering, either as its main skin or a separate flysheet. Large doors and meshed windows which you can open or close provide air flow during warm months.

Arguably the most adaptable models come in two-ply. Also known as double skin tents, these feature a removable outer layer that extends fully to the ground, offering protection against rain, moisture, and superior insulation, since a cushion of air will be trapped between the two layers.

The interior layer is generally made out of a soft mesh, for superior air circulation during summer months. The only disadvantage of this layout comes from the fact that the mesh basically surrounds the occupants, offering little privacy when the outer layer is off.


Other things to consider

In double skin tents, ventilation during cold months is also a factor to have in mind, so look for models that feature appropriate slits for the air to go through when the outer skin is on.

Zippers are especially important for one-skin tents since they will most likely see a lot of use. While lightweight and easy to waterproof, small zippers will prove a handful to operate and they’re prone to breaking. Look for tents with large zippers!  


Our recommendations



Bfull Portable Dome


This Bfull tent is an all-around well-made product, designed with great care and consideration for the needs of the modern camper.

With a two-skin dome construction, it features a polyester outer layer with a 2000m/m water resistant coating. It has been reported that this will hold well to heavy rains for days on end, while it can also extend in front of the main entrance to cover more ground.

Two large, polyester covered slits near the roof ensure for proper airflow during rainy or cold weather, while ventilation won’t even begin to pose a problem in the summertime since its soft mesh will let the air in and keep the bugs out.  

As an interesting feature, the ropes holding this tent are covered in a reflective material, so they won’t pose a tripping hazard at night.

You get all this in an extremely compact package, which only weighs 4.4 pounds and comes with its own carrying bag.

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Alps Mountaineering 5222607


Commonly known as the Alps Mountaineering Taurus, this product will prove attractive for those who prefer the privacy offered by an opaque tent with a fly-sheet covering.

While not as efficient as a fully meshed design, the mesh roof and a number of windows provide for adequate ventilation during summertime, while two openings near the upper section serve to regulate airflow when the polyester covering is on.

Held by two fiberglass poles, this extends to the ground and allows for a layer of air to be trapped between it and the interior section, which makes for superior thermal insulation during winter months. The water coating for the polyester fly is rated at 1500mm with the poly taffeta floor enjoying the same level of protection.

The fly also extends to provide a zippered vestibule-like storage area, which can prove great for holding on to extra gear in a dry place.

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Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent


Don’t let the name fool you, while like any other dome design this Weanas Professional model can be carried on top a backpack, its larger versions are spacious enough to hold up to three people.

Another two-layered design, the interior tent surrounds you in nylon mesh the same way the Bfull does, allowing for near-perfect airflow during warm months.

If you care about your privacy, the polyester canopy allows for two large opening from opposite sides, so it can be used during summer without affecting the ventilation to a large extent.

However, some customers found that when the tent is fully enclosed, the two small slits in the outer layer don’t do a perfect job at letting fresh air in. This is somewhat resolved by that fact that you can extend the nylon covering into a sort of mini-veranda when it’s raining.


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