ARB ARB3201 Series III Review


Notable features


The ARB Simpson III is a great choice when you want to travel across the country and be able to arrange for sleeping accommodations while still on the road. The materials the roof top tent is made of are all high quality, which makes this model very sturdy and dependable. The canvas is made of a combination of polyester and cotton that makes it very resistant to weather elements and it does not fade with ease. The roof top tent has rain fly and insect screened doors and windows, so you can always feel safe inside, even when traveling in areas where such critters are the norm and can disturb your sleep. An aluminum retractable ladder makes sure that you can get in and out of the tent with great ease.

1.1 ARB (ARB3201)

Besides what the canvas offers in terms of protection against insects and weather elements, it is what is inside that counts for your comfort. The foam mattress is made of high density material, so you will sleep really comfortable on top of it. You do not have to worry that the mattress will start showing signs of wear and tear soon, because it comes with its own removable cover. You can store the mattress inside the cover when you are not using it, to protect it from humidity and other elements that can affect its structure. This way, you will know that you will be able to enjoy your roof top tent for many years.

Many people who have bought this item say that this is the best roof top tent they have ever tried because it can be configured to unfold on the side or on the rear of your truck. Simply put, you will be able to arrange it just as you see fit, for your comfort and your needs.

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Intended use


Not everyone entertains the idea of setting camp directly on the ground, especially in areas where the ground is wet or there are many critters that can creep inside your tent. There are many who prefer an off the ground alternative and this is what this SUV tent is all about. It allows you to set your camp well above the ground and enjoy good conditions, without having to fear moisture or unpleasant insects and creatures.

Do not forget that this tent comes with comfortable bedding, so you basically set up your own private room in the middle of the wilderness with great ease. You will be able to change clothes, protect yourself from wind and rain, and generally, have a good time while you are on vacation. In a few words, this roof top tent will help you enjoy more your outdoor adventures, by offering you great comfort.

1.3 ARB (ARB3201)


Known issues

Overall, people who have tried this tent have a very good opinion about it. However, some say that trying to fold the tent in cold weather can make your hands freeze, as the material tends to get rigid. It is recommended to bring warm clothes and gloves along with you, if you are planning a trip in an area where cold weather can be an issue.


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