AirBedz PPI 101 Review


Notable features


Camping is tough on your gear, even in the bed of a truck but this mattress from AirBedz can withstand the harshest conditions. The air mattress is constructed from a durable material that is resistant to rips and tears, while still being comfortable to sleep on. Since it won’t easily tear, you don’t have to worry about the air mattress deflating while you are sleeping.


1.1 AirBedz (PPI 101)


You will also appreciate its ability to completely cover the wheel wells. Not only will this maximize your sleeping space, it also ensures that you have a comfortable surface to sleep on. The air coils prevent the hard wheel wells from poking through uncomfortably, while also evenly distributing your weight. While this might not be quite as comfortable as sleeping in your bed at home, it can come pretty close.

One of the advantages of this air mattress is how easy it is to inflate, even if there aren’t any electrical outlets around. The pump is built into the mattress for convenience, and it is designed to be recharged at home so you can easily use it on the road. An A/C adapter is included with your purchase, along with a convenient carrying case.


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Intended use


This air mattress is intended for use in larger model pickup trucks, and can even fit full size 8’ beds. It is perfect for camping trips when you don’t want to sleep on the ground or to create a comfortable place to sit during tailgating parties. The built in pump easily inflates and deflates the mattress in minutes, and the included carrying case makes storage a breeze.

Since this air mattress is designed specifically for full size truck beds a lot of the guesswork is taken out of trying to decide if it will fit. The mattress measures 95” x 63.5” X 12” when it is fully inflated, and this is large enough to cover the wheel wells so you can make the most out of all of the available space.

1.2 AirBedz (PPI 101)


Known issues


The only downside to this air mattress concerns the rechargeable pump that is only compatible with A/C outlets. This limits where the battery can be charged, and this can be a problem if you are camping for long periods of time in remote locations without access to electricity.


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