AirBedz Lite PPI PV202C Review


Notable features


This truck tent mattress from AirBedz Lite is constructed from a high quality PVC material so it can easily withstand harsh camping conditions. It is also resistant to rips and tears so you don’t have to worry about the air escaping and deflating the mattress while you are sleeping.

Your truck bed is not the most comfortable place to sleep, but this isn’t a problem with this air mattress. It comes with an innovative coil system that evenly distributes your weight, and it is also designed to cover the wheel wells so you won’t feel any hard or uncomfortable bumps.

1.1 AirBedz Lite (PPI PV202C)

Since it measures 75” x 63” x 12” it can easily cover most 6’ to 8’ beds, and you will appreciate how easy it is to inflate with the portable air pump. It also comes with a 16’ power cord so you can use the outlet in your truck to inflate the mattress anywhere you feel like stopping for the night.


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Intended use


AirBedz designed this inflatable mattress for campers who enjoy the freedom of being able to stop for the night almost anywhere. It is designed to cover short and long truck beds, including the wheel wells to give you maximum room and comfort when you are sleeping. The mattress also comes with a durable, puncture resistant construction that is still incredibly comfortable to sleep on, especially considering the fact that it is 12 inch thick.

To ensure maximum freedom on the road this air mattress also comes with a portable pump that can be attached to the outlet in your truck. This allows you to easily inflate it anywhere you want to stop for the night.

1.2 AirBedz Lite (PPI PV202C)


Known issues


While no one disputes how comfortable this air mattress is or how easy it is to inflate, there has been a few mentions about the quality of the carrying case. On some occasions the strap has broken and while this doesn’t affect the comfort or quality of the air mattress it can make it difficult to carry and store.


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