About us

We here at trucktentcenter.com are very passionate about spending time in the great outdoors and that is why we have decided to build a website dedicated to one of the best ways of camping – sleeping in a truck tent. This is one of the most comfortable experiences you can have while camping as it allows you to sleep off the cold, hard ground and away from any nasty creepy crawlers. However, finding the best truck tent has become quite difficult as manufacturers are releasing new models every year and the market is simply overflowing with lots of options for all truck models.

To make your buying experience much simpler, we have decided to research the many tent models currently available for sale and to point out their main atributes and flaws so you won’t have to waste your time looking for the relevant information online. We have broken down the products we have analyzed into categories such as roof top tents, SUV tents and truck tents and listed the top 3 products that match these criteria. Each one is individually reviewed by our team so you can read all there is to know about its characteristics. This should help you find exactly the right model for your needs (and truck), taking you one step further towards a successful camping trip.

While you are here, make sure to take a look at our tips for planning and making the most out of each outing!