3 essential items for camping


Everyone knows camping requires the basic tent and sleeping bag setup. But what are the other important items one has to bring in order to have a safe, enjoyable experience? Here are three all-important objects that must accompany you on your adventure.

essential items for camping


Lighting gear

If you plan to camp for one or more nights, you will definitely need some type of lighting equipment. Moving blindly through a dark setting can lead to accidents, injuries, and such. Having light will help you avoid these and let you move about more freely. A headlight will accompany your every nightly movement, sending its light beam towards the scenery ahead of you. Headlights use different types of bulbs: incandescent, halogen or LED. In terms of brightness and energy requirement, the LED lights are the best option, and you can even settle for a cheap one as it will do a very good job. Lanterns, on the other hand, have the advantage of illuminating your entire surroundings, making things visible for everyone else. They also come in multiple versions, but the LED ones have a longer lifespan and consume less energy than all the other types.


Multi-use tool

Camping and outdoor tasks often demand you have at least one or two basic tools, such as a knife, pliers or even a screwdriver. Some people carry them separately, but this only means more luggage. In order for you to ease your carrying load, you can choose a pocket-sized multi-tool that will allow you to fix your problems and at the same time, will claim very little space in your bag. Today’s market offers plenty of models, all packed up with the unthinkable. From blades and pliers to can openers, bottle openers, wire cutters or small wood saws to help you set your campfire.



Since eating has never been optional, one has to make sure he packs enough food and that it remains edible until it is eaten. Canned goods and dry food packages will be good on their own, but if you carry any perishables, a cooler is a must for you to avoid hunger or food intoxication. Water, beer, milk, and any other beverage will be much better stored in a cooler and if you or your dear ones suffer an injury, you can pack some ice from it. Most coolers have an ice retention period of about 6 days, which is more than enough for a decent vacation, and you can also find models that have an electrical powered cooling mechanism that will work for long trips, provided you can find an outlet to recharge it on.


Having the right camping gear is sometimes a matter of safety rather than comfort. When one packs his bag, he must be well aware of his carrying capacity and his personal needs. It is important to have a checklist prepared and as you cross your items off the list, make sure you do it in order of priority.


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